10 Trending jobs of the Decade

We are living in a very competitive world where people find it hard to get a job. In this fast growing world; with the immense growth of technology and automation, the industry world has developed various fields of work that you need to be trained in to get recruited. The trend of these field changes every year according to the technology development in the country. Here are some of the trending jobs in the century.

Trending jobs Decade

  1. Computer Programmer:

Although many US companies recruit offshore workers to perform programming task. There is plenty of space for skilled programmers to work in US, with today’s rise in security issues and terror attacks it is easy to monitor home based programmers. This has made many companies to employ programmers in their hometown. An additional degree in Computer Forensics will make you one of the monitors.

The new developments in Operating systems and common code bases have allowed many developers with unique backgrounds to build specialized applications.

  1. Day Care Provider:

In the past Day care providers have been struggling to get strong wages, with a good job security. In today’s world parents demand good quality day care providers, a Day care provider with the childhood special education degree can demand higher wage.

  1. Elder Care Specialist:

Large families today rely on facilities that would care for their elderly loved ones, with fewer children left over to take care of them. The senior community often involves using luxury 4-star dining room, golf ground and live entertainment.

In accordance with this they also need specialized health care personnel to look after them with a positive attitude.

  1. Employment Specialist:

An Employment Specialist is the person who match makes the right job with the right person by his/her natural skills. The Employment Specialist job is commission based on the employee recruited in the industry. A busy Employment Specialist can earn a good sum of money.

  1. Environmental Engineer:

An Environmental Engineer works in maintain the natural resources as much as possible, with the huge growth of small communities in to huge organizations Environmental Engineers are hired by corporate and industries that are looking for a proactive approach over the public. This will help them from getting in to trouble or getting prosecuted.

  1. Home Health Aides:

Home Health Aides are mainly nurses that prefer to work in the patient’s home instead of the stressful hospitals. Many aged people like to live in their homes till the end of their days. They need a good health aide a t home itself this proves to be a solid career for mother of young children to make money.

  1. Management Consultant:

Many companies now-a-days seek out to consultants to help them with their problems and challenges, instead of hiring an expert on their own. As result once a consultant creates reputation he can earn a significant amount of income. Anyone with the knowledge of solving problem for companies can open up as a Consultant while still holding a job at hand.

  1. Networking Specialist:

A Networking Specialist is the person who figures out how to keep all the computers connected together in an organization. It is the responsibility of a Networking Specialist to keep the flow of information in the company up. Due to the advancement in technology and release of new equipments frequently it is a job that cannot be delegated to overseas workers.

  1. Physician’s Assistant:

Due to the increase in the huge number of patients every year doctors struggle to keep up with the crowd. They are in need of huge amount of Assistants, people who are interested in medicine and don’t want to take a degree can take up this roll as Physician to train for a few years and earn a handful.

  1. Social Services Coordinator:

A Social Service coordinator monitors the safety, wellness of individuals and especially for the younger ones and the elders who can easily get abused and get into fraud. An online social work degree can qualify you for the job.

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