About Us

About us

Inhurryjob is a job portal initiation by Mensagam, we started this digital lab with the sole purpose of getting the right kind of training to people to get hired. Inhurryjob will serve as the space were the employee can upload his portfolio and get to know the recruiters needs. Inhurryjob will also serve as platforms were current news on recruitment and the latest trends in every industry will be uploaded.

Why Inhurryjob?

There are many job portals outside but Inhurryjob is a unique portal. We have put all our effects to make Inhurryjob the best place to know what kind of training and qualification is required for a particular job. Inhurryjob works closely with top companies and recruiters to provide all the knowledge that is needed to get hired at a specific posting.

What made us?

As employers, we had a hard time recruiting the right person for the right job. In today’s world were the graduates are pouring out of colleges, it is essential for them to attain the basic training and skills needed for a particular job. We also found that graduates are finding it hard to get hired in the right company. To give them the correct knowledge and guidance, we found out that the only hirable solution as “Inhurryjob”.


To design and build a digital library were graduates can get correct guidance and knowledge of the training that is being provided by various companies and institutes, to get themselves work ready.